Ever felt like you wanted to try out the One UI, Samsung’s launcher built atop Android, but didn’t want to actually get an Android phone to do it? Well, Samsung now has an option for that.

As first noted today , Samsung has launched “iTest” so you can try the Galaxy device’s software right on your iPhone. If you visit the site, “iTest.nz”, on any other device, you’ll be prompted with a QR code to scan on your device and launch the site. As Samsung puts it, “You’re really close to being able to sample the other side.”

You’ll need an iPhone 7 or newer to test out the website.

Anyone who tries it will need to install a web app. Upon launching that, they’ll jump right into a simulated Galaxy-branded smartphone right on the iPhone. That includes a range of apps and settings options a user will get to play around with. Each one will be exactly as it is on an Android device, letting the user see what it looks like and how it feels on one of those devices.

Users will be able to apply themes, access the phone app and message app, and even open the Galaxy Store.

Samsung doesn’t shy away from the camera on its flagship smartphones (just like Apple doesn’t), and, if you open the camera app while simulating the software you’ll get tips from photographer Logan Dodds, including the built-in camera options. Users will see a series of messages, so they can see how they look.

Samsung will have tips that pop up while using the web app.

There is quite a bit to go through, and it’s an interesting idea. Of course, it’s not quite the full experience, just a taste. Whether or not that’s a good thing remains to be seen.