Huawei entered a new era of software ecosystem and officially launched HarmonyOS operating system. With this unveiling, Huawei has finally marked this new OS for smartphone devices.

How could we enter a new world without a new slogan? Well, Huawei has something for you Because HarmonyOS is tagged with “One as All, All as One”.

This slogan defines the distributed capabilities of the HarmonyOS that enables devices to collaborate and share features with each other without interrupting the user experience.

According to Huawei, HarmonyOS empowers Huawei’s full scenario smart life solution and works as a one-stop solution for five major scenarios including:

  • Smart home
  • Smart Office
  • Smart Travel
  • Sports
  • Health and audio-video entertainment

HarmonyOS is not bound with memory. Therefore, it can run on any device that can range with 128KB processing memory and as large as 4GB or more.

With the use of distributed technology, HarmonyOS allows users to connect different types of devices with a single device and make it Super Device. Then the user can run every other connected device from that single Super Device, without opening other apps or accessing the devices separately.