Lets look at some easy ways to delete Google My Business accounts and locations and why its so tricky to do so.

Deleting Google My Business accounts is a massive request on my channel from customers, mainly because it doesn’t seem to exist! What you really need is to mark it as permanently closed and then in time it will get manually deleted by Google.

If you want to know how to permanently remove your Google My business listing and delete the account, then this step by step tutorial is for you. So just follow the video and your Google my Business account will permanently disappear in no time.

This article will take a look at:

  • Remove Google My Business Or Mark as Permanently Closed?
  • A Video with Step by Step Removal of Google My Business Account
  • Some common questions on deleting your business on Google
  • How to contact Google if things go really wrong and other tips

So let’s dive straight into my article and do make sure you watch the video as this will really give you an answer to all your questions you have on the removal and deletion process. By the end of this article you should be well equipped on how to remove your Google My Business account or location and even hide your address.

Remove Google My Business Or Mark as Permanently Closed?

The permanently closed button is the missing key and often why there is so much confusion. Once this is activated then allow several months to pass by. Yes several (I know). Eventually Google will DELETE it , but only when they see fit to.

Once you have done that, you should also clear out the other indexes like Yelp, Yell, Bing, Facebook etc so all of the business references and citations are removed as if not done so it could cause an issue of you want to add any future business with the same name or address.

Some common questions on deleting your business on Google

Can I delete my Google business location while using the GMB app?

No You can’t delete locations while using the Google My Business app. You will need to access your account using the desktop. Then click “Mark your business as permanently closed” button. In time Google will eventually delete it.How do I get all my business information removed from Google?

Even when something is removed it will take time for Google to gradually re-index your new information. So make sure you visit all the business citations you registered with and update them too e.g. Yell, Bing, Yelp, Facebook etc
How do I remove the address from Google but keep my listing?

Go into your Google My Business listing and edit your address under info. You should set your business to “deliver goods and services”. Just click on “Clear Address” and then click “Apply” in that way you keep your GMB listing but don’t show the full address.

How to contact Google

You can contact Google My Business via Twitter
try Google My Business on Twitter with @GoogleMyBiz

Other Useful GMB Tips

Its commonly misunderstood but “Mark this location as permanently closed” does not delete your business immediately. Permanently closed locations still appear on Google but with reduced visibility. You can remove this label later if the business reopens.

Removing your business from your account, means the associated business information will still appear on Google Maps, Search, and elsewhere on Google. If your business is closed then you should mark it as permanently closed first.

Once deleted, you will not be able to recover this listing’s data if you change your mind. You can transfer ownership instead of removing it.

If you remove this listing from your account then the following is true, so think twice:

  • All of its content will be deleted, including your photos, posts and videos
  • Other managers won’t be able to access it
  • Associated AdWords Express ads will become inactive
  • Any websites published using Google My Business will also be unpublished and deleted

Reopen or remove this listing means you can reopen this listing or remove it from your account


In conclusion, the biggest question I get almost every single day on my website is this. (thus I wrote this article) “Why is Google making this so difficult to delete my business?” The Answer: because some users try to misuse the system by closing old accounts and starting fresh ones to gain traction and high rankings quickly – Google doesn’t like that, as its not very user friendly or true to life and therefore not a relevant authentic location

Google is empowering local business to use these locations and accounts fro free at the moment. So if you have a genuine business and want to keep ahead of the competition make sure you watch the video above and subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next big tips for google my business.