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10 Best Free SEO Tools to Strengthen Your Website Strategy


For newbies (and many experts as well) search engine optimization (SEO) is overwhelming. But as with many things, having the right tools can make a difficult task more manageable. For anyone working to improve their rankings in the search engines, there are a wealth of SEO tools available to help you with the process. For those with small budgets, you’ll be pleased to learn that many of...

Domain Investing in an Economic Downturn


People are suddenly paying a lot more attention to their finances as the world’s economy enters a downturn. It’s important to have a good handle on where you stand financially during uncertain times. This is especially true for domain name investors. Investors need to understand what’s ahead and consider opportunities that may present themselves.  Extending Your Cash Flow There are two types...

Why Is Your Website Speed Important?


You’re visiting a website for the first time and it takes more than a few seconds to properly load — which is basically years in ‘Internet time.’ Ask yourself the question: Do you stay on the page or close the window?  Chances are, you’re probably long gone, never to return again. Why? It’s simple psychology. People (aka customers, readers, and visitors) expect a fast website. They just do...

Windows 7 End of Life


Windows 7 Support Ends January 14, 2020 Windows 7 is due to reach End Of Life (EOL) on 14 January 2020, but a large number of the world’s computers, most in corporate environments, are still running the nine-year-old system. Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 in January 2015, with extended support running till 14 January 2020. Businesses which fail to migrate in time will...

Extended Validation (EV) – Authentication Requirements


Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates achieve the highest level of consumer trust through the strictest authentication standards of any SSL Certificate. Extended Validation (EV) verification guidelines require us to obtain and verify multiple pieces of identifying information. Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are the gold standard, the industry’s premium business class SSL security...

Sri Lankan Internet Payment Gateways in 2020


It’s been a while since we wrote about Internet Payment Gateways in Sri Lanka. Well, four years to be exact. So how have things changed since then? Without further ado, here’s what you need to know. It’s still a bank’s best-kept secret It’s 2020. But somehow, it feels like the Sri Lankan banks are at least a decade behind. I mean sure, most of the banks today are pushing hard on their...

Now Google Search Console report checks site speed


Google is rapidly expanding the capabilities of Search Console — its must-have tool for site owners/managers. Not too long ago it was a couple of new structured data reports and today we’re talking about an enhancement report dedicated to site speed. It’s important to have a fast site and Google’s new tool helps you monitor it and improve it. Here’s is a quick guide to its capabilities. What is...

Five High-Quality Factors in Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines


Google publishes a 160+ page document called the Search Quality Rater Guidelines, often abbreviated as the QRG. This document is used by Google’s quality raters, which are people who work for Google and evaluate the quality of the search results. Although these quality raters don’t influence rankings directly, their feedback is used to inform the development of Google’s algorithms. The...

How to Remove URLs From Google Search


Sometimes you may need a way to remove things from the Google search results. For example, if you just deleted a page and don’t want it to show up anymore. Or if you want to remove low-quality pages from the index for SEO reasons. Here are the three best ways to remove one or many URLs from Google search. Method 1: Use Google Search Console It’s easy to remove URLs belonging to a website you...

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